Sunday, June 12, 2011

The England trip day 1

we have just got off the plane and we are really tired and we have to walk a couple of miles
SO NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when we get to the place we needed to get to i had ear ache and we had to wait well he let us get in. it is four thirty in the morning English time and twelve thirty Canadian time. we get out the air port at five o clock get into a taxi cab to our car and we drive to our house i will show you a picture. we had presents on our bed i had a Slinky and a coloring book and a Teddy bear. Giana had a coloring book a bag and a teddy bear.we had a lunch of chips and gravy. and then grandma sue, grandad ken, and uncle mick came over to see us and we talked and talked and talked . then we went to the pub and i got some orange juice and crisps.and we talked and talked some more until mom and dad and Giana came and then we went back and then grandma sue and grandad ken went back to they're house and we went to asda got some food had pizza when we got home and then we went to bed